Red Barn Forge - The Nessmuk Project (4-27-14)
Red Barn Forge - "Equipping Mountain Men"

The Nessmuk Project

I have been commissioned to
do something wonderful. I will   be making all 3 Nessmuk tools.

  • Double Bit Hand Axe
  • Belt Knife
  • 2 Bladed Folder
  • Leather Shoulder harness to hold all 3

       I will be making these using many (but not all) 17/18th century techniques and very basic hand tools finished to the standards of our other products

Follow here for frequent updates as I document the progress....

Axe head made from 1" thick 01 Tool Steel. This took many sessions to get rough shaped using an 8lb and then 3.5lb hammer by myself. MUCH more work to go!