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Just wanted to let you know I received my knife OK this morning and to tell you how pleased I am with it.   This one will have a permanent place on my belt.  I haven't tried the fire starting kit you so nicely added.  I will have to watch your video again and give it try.
Thanks again for the great knife and sheath, Dave, I really mean it.
Take care,
Rob T.
Fredericksburg, TX

Freeman Hertzler I purchased the INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL. The tomahawk was well balanced and the craftsmanship on all products was top of the line. The attention to detail was especially pleasing. Part of the special was the Double Ended Flint Striker Kit and Deerskin Bag. Everything really does fit in the tin, and after a few watches of the youtube instruction video I've come very close to getting a fire started. The Flint and Steel produce excellent sparks and it's on fault of the attempted fire-starter not the products that the fire wasn't started. The leather work on the hawk and knife sheath is hard to beat. Very sturdy construction with hand crafted elegance. Quality and beautiful but not gaudy. At this moment, all products are on display, but will soon join me in the woods for a traditional Virginia muzzleloader season. All of the products will be used in the woods and field, and I have no doubt that they will excel in their purpose. I really enjoy working with Red Barn Forge.

Tractiongrips Grips I have seen Dave hard at work. He pays attention to detail and makes amazing products. In my opinion, the amount of work he puts in to the RBF products should amount to a much higher price. You can buy cheap imported knock-offs, or you can buy hand crafted, custom made replicas, made the way they were originally hand crafted. The RBF tools will be passed along for generations like the originals were made to be. The cheap imports will end up in the trash after a use or two. To me, it's worth choosing the RBF product.

Bill McGann RBF's Fire kits are top notch. Flint, steel, and charred cloth are a "sure fire" method to add to any outdoor/emergency kit. Price is great for the quality items within the kit. I am a loyal customer to RBF and plan on being one for a long time. Did I mention "Made in the USA?"