Red Barn Forge - Gallery (4-2-14)
Red Barn Forge - "Equipping Mountain Men"
Gallery 4-2-2014 (still adding pics as I find them- See our Facebook page for all our most recent pics this year!)

Finally updated the gallery with a few recent pics. Click to see larger image. Keep in mind that 2011 work was done while recovering from brain and central nervous system damage. Not my best work. 2012 had been a better year. 2013 has been even better. You can see the progress and improvement. Hope 2014 to be my best. More photos to come as I look through files. Newest pics are listed at the bottom of the gallery!

Coal forgeCustom from 2011French Trade Knife 2012Neck knife 2011
Rehandle and sheath 2011Kydex 2011Made sooooo many dangler sheaths with firesteel in 2011-2012Kydex 2011
Knives, Kydex, Firesteel  1/2012Knives, Kydex, Firesteel 1/2012Stitched version of the Mtn Man knifeKydex holster
Firesteels...always firesteelsProduction work 2012Work bench is always full....of somethingNot as fun as it looks
Leather shop 5 ft tableMore old schoolPatch knife 2011English trade knife 2011
French trade knife 2011Patch knife 2011All strikers I currently make 2012Common tool for uncommon men
BIG Firesteel and knife 2011The original flint and steel kits 2011Holster 2011Holster and belt 2011
Holster 2011Mares Leg scabbard 2011Forged blanks 2011Charity donated patch knife 2011
Walnut knife 2011Sheath 2011Refurbished 70's knife and new sheath 2011Walnut knife sheath 2011
Prototype sheath. Went with Kydex. 2011Rehandle 2011Sculpted micarta handles are always funTransformation from raw material to new knife
NailTransformationVariety is the spice of lifeYoung Patriot cheering Dad on
Sometimes you just have to laughStrikers in the fireProduction workProduction work
Not very glamorous, but I do indeed forge in a red barnSurvival kit that started it all 2012Custom 2012Anatomy of a throwing knife 2012
RBF stampShow time!TransformationNot fun to forge. Less fun to grind and heat treat.
Tiny trioPersonal motivation. No one sees the sign but me.Production work.Friction folder 2011
Rehandle, sheath, firesteelRasp Hawk 2012IWB Holster 2012One brick forge
Did this UK style Bushcraft sheath. Not my style but client liked it. Early 2012Twisty knife progress 1Twisty knife progress 2Twisty knife progress 3
Twisty knife progress 4RBF Fighter 2012