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Free Gift - A Customized Nail

This was posted on my Facebook page. Wanted to put it here as well, so that others might take me up up on the offer for a free gift. The original thread is here.

FREE item from Red Barn Forge! I have a lot of cut off tips of large files piled up. I made an early period nail. When I was making the nail I flashed back to about a year after I met Jesus....

I was asked to be a Centurion in an Easter play. I shaved my head, made Roman garb, and borrowed a spear from my brother in law. My part in the play was to call someone in the audience to carry Jesus cross. Then to lead the audience to Jesus on the cross and pierce Jesus side with the spear where we had a blood bag made of Kero syrup and food coloring. I was then to proclaim "surely this WAS the Son of God" and the play would be over.

So to my surprise, when commanded a person in the audience actually picked up this heavy cross and carried it down the isle. I was to flog them and I did my part but I remember how it made me feel. I wished it was me carrying it and not having to watch someone else doing it. Going outside to Jesus on the cross, once again, I did my role and pierced Jesus side. We rehearsed but not with the actual blood bag. When I pierced it, the bag sprayed all over the spear, my face and the garb. I remembered how I felt at that very moment. It's like I finally understood with all my soul what it was to be covered in the blood of the Lamb and what he did for us. I was so caught up in the actual face of Jesus that I just sat there and almost forgot where I was. Everyone was looking at me like time stopped.

Finally I found breath in my lungs to declare that Jesus was surely the Son of God. Took me forever it seemed to get the words out and people hung on ever word like they needed it. The play was over and everyone went back inside.

I don't know how long I stayed outside and cried by myself. But they were cleansing tears. I relived all those memories as the nail cooled. That's kind of a big deal because I had brain damage a few years ago and there is just so much I'd love to remember.

All that to say, I decided to make a nail for anyone who wants one and put a bible verse book and number on it. I can't promise when they will get done. But as they are finished I'll deliver them or mail them.

Just send a request  and I'll eventually get it to you. If you want me to drill a hole through it for a necklace or something else, let me know and I'll figure it out.

If I run out of file tips, I'll make them from something else. You are welcome to share this with anyone you like on Facebook or wherever. Just want to serve where there is a need.

Please send me an email request or respond to the Facebook thread and I will eventually get this nail to you. Thanks for letting me do this for you.


***I do these in my "free" time, so there is no known date for delivery. We have a VERY LONG back log on these. However folks tell us it always seems to arrive at the right time. I make these from bits of steel. So know that I will never run out of nails, because each one is made just for you. We do NOT take funds or donations for making these nails and they are NOT for sale. This is to clarify, as we receive questions almost daily about them. ~Dave***